Top 5 Things to Do While Home Sick

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Top 5 Things to Do While Home Sick

Indisposition is not the reason to despair, as it can be a great time to do lots of things for which you don’t have enough time while healthy and have to go to work. There are lots of things you can do while home sick. Stop sleeping all the time and try to make a good use of your sick time doing various useful things.

How to Benefit From Your Sick Time:

 Surf the Internet

You don’t probably have enough time to surf the Internet during your workdays, but your sick time can be wonderfully used to read lots of wholesome tips, tricks and inspirational ideas. Visit your favorite Internet sources or google for more new, interesting and wholesome blogs.

Top 5 Things to Do While Home Sick

Have Movie Marathon

Pick all those movies you’d like to watch and plan a real movie marathon. It will make you get a lot of positive emotions and will promote sooner recovery. Comedies and good love stories are the greatest option to watch while you are home sick at bed.

Read, read and read…

There is nothing more inspirational and recovery-motivational than reading a good book. The only thing that doctors recommend here is to read only positive stories to speed up the recovery. Opt for any life-asserting story, like for instance Talking to Tesla or whatever you like.

Take Bubble Bath

Top 5 Things to Do While Home Sick

Take a bubble bath to feel better while home sick. Take your favorite foam bath aroma, fill the tub, and turn on the music you like. Wonderful pastime is guaranteed! Though you can use this recommendation only  if you don’t have a high temperature, otherwise it will only worsen the situation.


Crafts are the greatest way to get your spirits high. Drawing, knitting, sewing and even making jewelry… everything can  do for speeding up your recovery and making your sick time at home not so boring.

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