Top 5 Smart Food Choices for your Brain

Proper or more precisely smart food choice can improve your brain function. Learn what one should eat to make brain work more efficiently. Read on for top 5 smart food choices for your brain.

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It is not a secret that to provide brain function one should first of all eat properly, but do you know that a certain food intake can therewith boost your brain power. We’ve sorted out top 5 smart food choices to improve your brain activity naturally.


Top 5 Smart Food Choices for your Brain

Spinach as well as other green leafy veg such as romaine lettuce for instance is considered to be one of the smartest and healthiest food choices. Researchers claim that eating more green veg promotes brain function and therewith slow down the rate of cognitive decline.

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Top 5 Smart Food Choices for your Brain

Researchers have found that nutrition plan that is rich in walnut consumption provides mental activity. The matter is that walnuts contain a smart cocktail of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that provide brain work. Besides, walnuts are very nutritive, therefore you can easily opt for a handful of walnuts for afternoon snack to boost your mental and physical activity.


Top 5 Smart Food Choices for your Brain

This sea inhabitant is rich in supercharged omega-3 fatty acids that help to provide the proper connection between brain cells and regulate mental focus. Thus, a sardine sandwich for lunch will supply your brain with a good portion of energy for the rest of the day.

Coffee Beans

Top 5 Smart Food Choices for your Brain

Coffee, dark chocolate and other foods and drinks containing natural coffee beans are the best healthy brain stimulants. Yes, I say healthy, because here we speak about only natural coffee beans with no harmful additives. But don’t forget about moderation, you don’t need to drink liters of coffee with chocolate. The principle ‘The more, the better’ doesn’t work here, but can even turn out to be dangerous for your health.


Top 5 Smart Food Choices for your Brain

Lentils is the best-known source of folate that is helpful in decreasing levels of amino acids that deteriorate brain functioning. Thus lentils naturally boost brain function.

Other smart food choices for brain include blueberry, beet, sage, eggs, and oats.

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