Tips on Choosing Winter Fragrance

Everyone knows fragrance should be chosen not only in accordance with your likings but in harmony with season as well. Thus, on the threshold of winter we’ve prepared for you several essential tips on choosing you perfect winter fragrance.

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Tips on Choosing Winter Fragrance

Colder winter air no doubt affects on the way we perceive smells as well as on the way fragrances express themselves. That is why it is so necessary to choose fragrance in accordance with the season too. Learn our tips on choosing perfect fragrance for winter.

Opt for More Powerful Fragrance

I mean if to decide between eau de toilette and its stronger counterpart – perfume – it is better to fix upon the last. The matter is that for example in December smell lifts off your skin differently than in June, thus if you want to smell your perfume in winter, go for a stronger one.

Go for More Persistent Fragrant Composition

As it is widely known every fragrance is composed of three sorts of notes: top, base and heart ones. Top notes are the least persistent, especially during colder months. Therefore it is better to opt for a perfume composed of several base notes to compensate the loss.

Don’t be Afraid to Opt for Sharp Smells

Such base notes as spruce, caramel or cinnamon can be excessively sharp for hot summer time, while in colder months these scents are much more delicate.

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