Radiating Smile – Correct Toothpaste

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Everyone wants to have healthy and sparkling teeth. Beaming smile can work miracles! Every sensible person cares about his teeth and gums according to his lights and knowledge. But this knowledge is very often superficial or even wrong some times.

Woman Brushing Teeth

Wrong care notions lead to the range of the unpleasant consequences beginning from the bad breath and dark enamel color to serious teeth diseases – caries, periodontitis and others.

That is why is so important to consult a dentist and create the constructive oral cavity hygiene products.

Nevertheless I think that it’s much better to know about the personal hygiene points because we call the doctor when there’s no other way left. above all we choose the health care remedies by ourselves. We are usually guided by personal preferences when buying the soaps, shower gels, shampoos and other hygiene things. But oral cavity care is the remedy first of all.

It’s a matter of concern of the toothpaste uppermost, because the wrong choice can deteriorate the existing problems of teeth and gums fastening and cause new ones either.

Healthy Teeth

Tooth past is a multicomponent mixture. Basal component of the paste is the abrasive agent that is able to remove the dental coat mechanically and to polish the enamel surface.

Let’s divided all the pastes into the hygienic and medicinal-prophylactic, for convenience. Hygienic pastes are the choice for those who don’t have any sort of oral cavity diseases: no caries, no inflammatory processes or dystrophic parodontosis.

Among medicinal-prophylactic toothpastes there are anti-inflammatory, anti – carious, saline, whitening toothpastes, ones for sensitive teeth, toothpastes including ferments and biological – active admixtures.


The kind of such toothpastes usually contains the herbs extracts: sage, St. John’s wort, peppermint, myrrh, green tea, coniferous plants (fir, pine, juniper) and many others. Aluminum hydrate is used as the abrasive agent.

ParadontaxThese pastes are recommended for stomatorrhagia. They can also have a good effect against bad breath if there’s an inflammation of gum. Lacalut Aktive and Parodontax proved to be good.

Anti – Carious

This group of toothpastes includes the calcium – phosphoprous- and fluorine-containing ones. These pastes help to work against the caries effectively. The most popular are the fluorine-containing pastes that could be used for the children with baby teeth.


But be careful! If you already have caries, you’d rather not use this paste. Otherwise it wouldn’t stop the process but make it latent that can cause the complications. It’s important to know that the anti – carious toothpastes are more prophylactic rather than curative. These are the most known brands: Blend-a-med, Lacalut Fluor, and Colgate.


Such pastes are rich in mineral salt that stimulates the blood circulation and gum metabolic process. They are extremely good but have pretty peculiar taste. Saline pastes are recommended for those who suffer from the parodontosis and periodontitis.


Think twice before purchasing the “White” marked toothpaste. Firstly, such pastes effect the enamel quite aggressively. Secondly, you can get the appropriate and correct whitening only at the dentist’s chair.

Rembrandt ToothpasteThirdly, the side effects like tooth pigmentation after coffee, smoking, wine and vegetables show up in full. That’s why you should be very exacting and cautious purchasing this sort of pastes. Here’re some representatives of this group: Lacalut White, Rembrandt.

Sensitive toothpastes

These pastes are characterized by little amount of the abrasive agent, thus it is less damaging while brushing. Moreover, there can be special stuff substances that cover teeth with a thin film reducing the sensitivity.

sensitive toothpastes

Ferments and biological – active admixtures including toothpastes

This group of toothpastes is under the strict stomatological control. So, your dentist can prescribe it only in addition to the ointments and physio-treatment.

Radiating smile is an easy thing when you know how to take care of your teeth.

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  1. Abigail Says:

    that’s it! i couldn’t get the reasons why my teeth are dark though i brush them with the whitening toothpaste. i drink too much coffee!

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