What Is a Norm Sleep For a Modern Woman

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How many hours should a woman’s organism rest?

The sleep hours are the very individual ones. But the medics consider that women ranging between 20 and 40 years should sleep 7-8 hours in average. The sleep can be shorter or longer depending on the year season: it shortens in summer and prolongs in winter for 1-1.5 hours.


Ideally you should take a ten-minutes-walk before going to bed. Fresh air is in a great need for the organism. Warm bath won’t be too much either. You can add into the bath water some drops of the lavender oil or chamomile decoction, lime blossom or brandy mint.

One who faces the problem of falling asleep can massage intensively the gastrocnemius with the hot water jet. But taking a shower before sleep is not actually recommended – as this procedure is considered to be a toning-up one. Save it up for the morning.

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Release your feet from shoes and tights before going to bed and walk around your room barefooted for about 15-20 min. It’s also highly recommended to lift your legs up and stay in that position for some time to allow blood circulation get into the norm.

Following the advice of the Eastern wise men, the modern woman can massage the feet moistened with vegetable oil or any oil containing E vitamin. Good sleep can also be provided by the wooden brush as it’s a sort of head massage that improves blood circulation, takes off the stress and relaxes well.

The reason of bad sleep can be empty or, on the contrary, full stomach. The evening food intake should forego the sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Substitute strong tea or coffee in the evening for green tea or warm drinks like milk, herbal tea with mint, black currants, raspberry, cowberry, lime blossom or apple. To have some pleasant dreams, you can put a pocket next to your pillow stuffed with herbs like coltsfoot, mint, thyme, Melissa, lavender and rose leaves.

The perfect temperature in the bedroom is about 65oF. Leave the ventlight open for the night as the sleep is much better in the well aired out room. Don’t put on the tight night gowns or pyjamas. The nightwear should be all of the natural cloths.

Sleeping Woman

The color of the bedclothes is of great importance as well. Modern medicine and designers give preference to the beige-gold colors of different intensity or blue gamut. These tints go well for the bedroom interior decoration including walls, carpet, curtain and furniture. If you want to sleep well, then stir clear of the big and colorful pictures on the wallpapers and curtains.

And one more! Lots of people think that a sleep pill can provide you a calm night. But in truth, it’s much wholesome to fulfill the above described simple procedures then to take pills. No matter what you are – a night owl or early riser, no matter if you sleep well or suffer from insomnia, these recommendations are good indeed.

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