Spa Stone Therapy for Body Care

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It was simply impossible to even imagine before but nowadays it became an ordinary practice to require beauty not only for the body or face but for a soul as well. When you get stressed you need to release from it somehow. The perfect way out of stress is to have an extra recreation time, swim into the sea, and lie under the sun on the beach or even to walk around the world-grand museums.

But! Even the well-to-do men cann’t allow it because business takes the first and major place of the time. There is one great solution you can pick up – a day in a beauty salon where you’ll be offered a relaxation therapy for the face, body and soul. It’s not just a therapy, it’s a new birth, new strength.


That’s why lots of Spa procedures are called-for today: thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, stone therapy.

Stone massage

Stone therapy is a quite ancient procedure. Stone treatment is based on the temperature influence upon the vessels, swing of the heat and cold rates. It’s considered that the stones inform the organism what it is in shortage of.

The modern method of the Classic Stone Therapy was developed by Mary Nelson-Hannigan from the American Massage Therapy Association.

Spa Stone Therapy for Body Care1

It’s principle is in special touchings and special massage with the help of the hot and cold stones with the use of the pressure point massage – shiatsu.

The stones of the different sizes (usually they are rare, exotic ones as jadeite for example) are heated up and then put onto the various active points on the body (to effect the definite inner organs of the man); then goes massage – light, soothing, folding motions and pressures accompanied with the harmonizing music.

Stone massage allows normalizing the metabolism, microcirculation in the tissues (due to the temperature impact). Women notice the stabilization of the endocrine profile, soothing out of the wrinkles on the face even if the massage avoided it concentrating onto the body.

The session lasts about 30 minutes. To achieve a better result you should undergo 5-6 sessions.

What is the effect of the Stone therapy? You choose the effect by yourself. It depends on the stones temperature, massage intensity and various session components.

Spa Stone Therapy for Body Care2

Stone therapy tones up or soothing the body by the intensifying or coming down the nervous system.

Basalt and rarely marble are used for the procedures as well. The first stone cools off quite slowly thanks to its porous structure thus sharing its heat and positive energy with a man.

According to the ancient knowledge, stones are the reservoirs accumulating the earth energy. Stones of the volcanic rock are unique as they gather all four elements simultaneously – fire, water, earth and air. They give off their energy easily that’s why they are taken often in the stone therapy.

Bright green jadeite is called a king of sauna.

You can be offered a combined stone therapy and massage session, aromatherapy.

Just imagine, you absorb the energy of the warm stones laying in the shade inhaling the aroma of the essential oils and you here a small fountain purling some where near by, light music… your strained nerves turn into the soft tissues gradually!

Isn’t that amazing?

Stone therapy isn’t aimed at weigh loss and cellulite fighting but if they are caused by the stress, then all you have to do is to remove their presence out of your body after the stone therapy as there will be no stress left.

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