Scents of Love for Him & Her: Aphrodisiacs

Do you want to spice up your love life? Just a piece of cake! Find out what scents serving as natural aphrodisiacs for him or her, are able to arouse even the most secret desires, making your love life more sensual.

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Scents of Love for Him & Her

As everybody surely knows aphrodisiac or so called ‘scent of love’ is the smell that is able to increase sexual desire and add vitality to a human body. So there are some certain kinds of scents that serve as aphrodisiacs for him and another are set for her. Let’s sort out which smells can be called the best scents of love.

Scents of Love for Him

At first I’d like to mention that you’d better to use essential oils as their smells are the most persistent. One of the best choices to arouse men’s sexual desire is cedar scent. It’s able to sharpen the senses, make him feel more at ease, arouse his feelings and inspire for making even the secret wishes come true.

The scent of pines can also stimulate men’s sexual activity exciting flight of fancy. But the best scent of love for him is undoubtedly patchouli essential oil. Since ancient times it has been used as an aphrodisiac for men. The scent of patchouli improves sensuality, normalizes hormone level and stimulates sexual activity.

Scents of Love for Her

Women are as well tremulous to the influence of scents, among which is the scent of bergamot. It is not for nothing that essential oil of bergamot is even used for erotic massage. This scent of love can help HER to relax, to get rid of depression, as well as to stimulate imagination and sexual attraction.

Essential oil of rosemary is not less strong aphrodisiac for her. Use it if you want to increase your sensuality and make your love life brighter.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang can serve as the scent of love for both sexes. It increases women’s sensuality and improves men’s sexual activity making intimacy more tumultuous and bright.

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