Sauna Benefits and Its Influence on Organism

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The popularity of sauna is explained by the positive influence it has onto the organs and systems of men’s organism. Is sauna a real health and beauty supporter?

Sauna effect on thermoregulation

Thermoregulation is one of the basic functions of the organism maintaining constant temperature. The processes of normal heat exchange are the balanced and permanent processes of heat emission and heat production. Body temperature conditions are constant.

When the temperature of surroundings rises up, the organism reacts in switching on the mechanisms responsible for the excessive heat return and for the overheating prevention. The principal role of this process belongs to the skin. Men’s skin gives back the superfluous heat mainly by sweating.

Sauna effect on central nervous system

The scientific researches showed that 10 minutes of being in sauna increases the motive reaction and improves the movements’ coordination. After 20 minutes in a steam room these rates worsen.

The restoration of various factors depends on the stay duration in the steam room. Cooling procedures (cool shower for instance) favor the acceleration of renewing processes.

Don’t forget about the physiological effect of sauna.

Sauna effect on cardiovascular system

High temperature stirs up the activity of cardiovascular system considerably. Sauna improves the heart work, however the long stay there can cause negative shifts such as palpitation and dizziness.

The study of brain work revealed the increase of blood filling of the brain vessels and functional blood circulation capabilities. Moderate and strictly time-and-temperature-dosed procedure held due to the functional condition of the organism, doesn’t cause any negative changes.

In 15-20 minutes of stay in sauna the cardiovascular rates restore if the procedures are done in the right way. Cooling procedures (cool shower and swimming pool) hasten the restoration of cardiovascular system rates.

But keep in mind that if you are hardly prepared for the cooling or have some cardio disorders then your cardio system will get the additional load. Be careful.

Sauna effect on neuromuscular apparatus

After stay in the steam room the muscular tone lowers. Thermal influence eases the muscular tension, smoothes the conjunctive tissue and makes the muscles more elastic.

Sauna effect on external respiration functioning

High temperature causes tachypnoe. The mechanism of tachypnoe is the following: because of the hot air there is a reflex vasoconstriction of lungs as a defense reaction against organism overheating.

In this context, breathing becomes more rapid reflectory to extent the emission of heat. After you are in sauna your breathing depth grows (for 3.4 oz.) as well as the vital capacity of lungs. Moreover, perspiration intensifies leading to the skin breathing activity.


If you’ve caught a cold and you have phlegm inside the lungs a lot, then the hot air of sauna is a great decision for you. Damp the air in the steam room with herbal potions (mint, acerose leaf, eucalyptus etc.) and you’ll get a sort of inhalation.

Sauna effect on skin

Under the influence of heating irritator, the skin temperature rises. Skin blood circulation increases either. The body temperature heightens at the first 2 minutes of stay in there. It should be taken into consideration that the temperature on the skin surface reaches 105-107 oF that stimulates the peripheral mechanisms of thermoregulation.

Due to the overheating of skin, its vessels widen and overfill with blood thus causing the skin penetrability improvement. Epidermis softens improving the skin apprehensibility, its respiratory activity and immune-biological characteristics. Heating procedures stimulate the oxidation processes.

All these changes affect the functions of the skin – thermoregulating, protective, respiratory, secretory, and tactile.

As you see, sauna isn’t the thing you should be afraid of. It’s one of the measures you can bring into regular to keep well.

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