Rose oil in aromatherapy

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Roses are valued for their nice aroma and beauty but one should know that they can be used in medicine as well. In ancient times people used tender rose petals to produce rose oil.


Nowadays rose oil is among the most expensive essential oils.

This can be explained by the fact the process of the extraction costs much. To produce 1 ml of rose oil 5 kilos of rose petals are needed. Roses for industrial purposes are grown in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey and Crimea.

Rose oil has many useful properties and is successfully used in aromatherapy as they:

• increase the elasticity of skin

• normalize the work of sebaceous glands

• helps to eliminate visible vascular pattern on skin

• eliminates edemas and swelling of eyelids, removes bags under eyes

• resorbs scars

• is effective for eczemas, dermatitis, allergies and neurodermatitis

• eliminates bacterial and viral rashes

• soothes nerve system and helps to work on depression, fear and anger

• boosts sexual activity and is a good oil for erotic massage

• stimulates blood circulation and makes blood vessels more elastic

• is prophylactic for varix dilatation

• helps for arthritis and rheumatism

• normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract, eliminates nausea, stomach spasms, constipations, intestinal colics

• can be used for various liver diseases

• works as a supplement for bronchitis, laryngitis and catarrh of the upper respiratory tract

• is widely used in gynecology for vaginitis and thrush treatment, menstrual cycle regulation

• prevents cold and flu

If you choose to have a bath with rose oil add 9-10 drops of it.


Those who love aromatherapy and practice it for a long time know that essential oils do not dissolve in water that’s why you should dissolve it in a glass of kefir, milk, yogurt or cream before pouring the oil into the bath.

If you want to get a massage using rose oil you should add 6-7 drops to 20 gr of your regular massage oil. To make a relaxing massage to a child you need to mix 1 drop of rose oil and 50 gr of almond oil.

You can have rose oil internally as well as externally. Add 1-2 drops of rose oil on a sugar cube and eat that three times a day 15 minutes before meals.

For paradontosis dilute 1-3 drops of rose oil in a liter of water. Rinse your mouth 3-5 times a day.

It is a common fact that essential oils can cause allergy that is why you need to have a tolerance test first. Rose oil is not recommended to use together with homeopathic remedies and during pregnancy.

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