Rachel Stevens to Launch World Cup Perfume

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English singer, Rachel Stevens strips off posing for a new perfume ad being in her third month of pregnancy. The 32-year-old model wears nothing but England flag and bowler hat to launch the World Cup unisex fragrance Eau De Stade.

She said:

“I’m counting down the days till the World Cup and can’t wait to watch the England matches in high definition with my friends and family. Although I can’t make it out to South Africa, a spritz of Sky+HD Eau De Stade means I can bring a little bit of the World Cup to my living room.”

Rachel Stevens Launching World Cup Perfume

Meanwhile, the former Strictly Come Dancing finalist admitted her pregnancy wasn’t slowing her down just yet.

She told the new issue of Closer magazine:

“I’m really busy at the moment so I’m running round all the time. I like being outside and walking, and as I live right near the park I have no excuse. I’ve also been doing yoga.”

Rachel Stevens to Launch World Cup Perfume

Being at pre-pregnancy 8 size, Stevens insisted she has never been a fan of dieting and would be enjoying eating for two.

She enthused:

“I love my food. I don’t believe in dieting or depriving yourself of anything. I just eat whatever I fancy. It’s just about not overeating and having a healthy balanced diet.”

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