Photos can ease our pain!

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Once we wrote that pain can be somewhat eased if the one who suffers cursed. And now we have another, more descent, way to bear pain – with the help of a photo of our beloved.

Tests showed that pictures of partners, parents or children provoked positive feelings strong enough to override much of the patient’s discomfort.Researchers even advise patients visiting hospital for painful tests to bring a picture to help them cope.

picture of loved ones

Not only photos but the presence of a close person can make the pain more bearable. Researchers at the University of Los Angeles recruited 28 women and carried out experiments involving heat-pain tests, where heat was applied to a tiny patch on the arm until it hurt.

In the first run the women held the hand of a partner who was sitting behind a curtain, then a stranger’s hand. Of course, in the first case it helped more.
After that ladies looked at a photo of a loved one, and then a stranger. And results showed that the photos of beloved people had even a better effect than holding a loved one’s hand when their face was not visible.

So, my dear readers, if the pain seems to you almost unbearable just look at a photo of your close person and you will immediately feel better! This isn’t my own assumption, it is a fact!

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