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Do you feel nervous, irritable, tired… You know that you need some break in you tough schedule, but all you have is only 2 free hours a day…


I can recommend you one of my favorite ways of relaxation – massage!
If you have never tried it, it’s high time you did it. Those who practice it will understand what I’m talking about.

What is massage?

Massage is the merge of physical cure and inward peace. Massage relaxes the muscles that makes them more flexible and improves the blood supply the body round.

Massage rejuvenates your skin and stimulates the fat layer melting. Skilled massage can do more than just release pain and muscles. It improves bones’, joints’ condition as well as internals operation.

face massage

You should avoid massage only if you’re ill and have high temperature or if you have varicose.

You can experience real massage in massage room, massage parlour or gym. Make sure your masseur is qualified in it. If you can’t feel relaxed and comfortable, you’d better change the masseur, because it’s a very intimate and trust-worthy process.

Stay in the lying position for about 15-20 minutes more after the session is over.

There is a great variety of massage tecniques, so that you can choose the most appropriate and helpful for your complex: classic/standard massage, lymph drainage, rolfing, pointillage, vibromassage, hydromassage, self-massage, etc.

Are you ready to start the session? Let’s do it!

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One Response to “Massage talk”
  1. Tina Says:

    i adore the sessions!!!
    i undergo one complete session per every 3 months! it helps me much!

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