Love the Way You Look!

According to the latest study most American (and I’m sure not only American) women aren’t happy with their bodies… if you are among these women you should first of all understand that such dissatisfaction with the way you look can lead to nothing more than stress, depression and other nervous breakdowns that is why it is so essential to learn how to love the way you look.

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Love the Way You Look!

As far as beauty is such a relative concept, we admire and tend to rather diverse so to say beauty standards. While someone is trying to gain some pounds, the others are doing their best to get rid of them, brunettes are dreaming of being blondes and vice-versa… and the listing can go and go interminably. Mercifully with the help of modern beauty technologies we can make all these beauty experiments without any risks (though, surgery isn’t included). But what prevents us from loving the way we look right now and what makes us undergo all those transformations? Actually the answer usually lies in our past, but as past can’t be changed, the following ways help you to learn to love the way you look right now.

Firstly I want you to understand that I do NOT call you to stop taking good care of yourself, stop working out, or doing makeup in the mornings…no way!  I just call you to stop seeking those fuzzy beauty standards. Remember that being thin doesn’t necessarily mean feeling happy, until surely your extra weight is putting your health in danger.

To love the way you look, you are to understand beauty standards aren’t permanent. The concept of beauty itself has undergone various changes through the ages. It is better to learn how to accentuate your best features than concentrate on what you wouldn’t like to see in the mirror.

To love the way you look, you are to learn how to identify the limits of you inner criticism. Criticism is always useful until it is getting too importunate and ungrounded. It is better to target you inner critics and use it as one of the best sources of motivation (as a workout motivator, for instance).

To love the way you look, you are to get rid of all your ‘fat and skinny’ clothes. Stop thinking of size you are about to reach, and start working with the set of clothes you have. It is better to learn how to hide flaws and accentuate your best features with the help of the clothes that fit you right now.

To love the way you look, you are to treat your body kindly. Start doing things that give you real pleasure. Maybe it is dancing that helps you love the way you feel or swimming or any other kind of physical activity. The matter is that sensory satisfactions your body experiences are wholesome to feel better about your appearance.

Well, do healthy choices every day, opt for healthy sound sleep, go for a walk, moisturize you skin and go for healthy and balanced nutrition, as for example have you ever seen a happy woman on a diet?

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