Laughter instead of Fitness

Tired from exhaustive fitness workouts? Laugh, as it has recently been proven that laughter can be easily used instead of fitness. Read on for more details…

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It has been recently proven that laughter can easily substitute fitness exercises. Moreover laughter is a wonderful heart and lungs training.

Laughter instead of Fitness

According to the latest scientific research in the past people averagely used to laugh for 18 minutes per day, and now ‘laughing time’ decreased to 6 minutes. It has led to the greater number of heart attacks, as laughter is the best natural blood circulation improver that makes heart work. In other words laughter can totally substitute cardio exercises.

And it is not the only laughter merit. This miraculous human ability can boost immune system, burn calories, increase pain tolerance and even reduce blood sugar. Therewith laughter is the best emotional healer.

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