Laughter – an emotional healer

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The English say ‘A smile in the morning cheers up the whole day’. Try following this rule and you’ll be surprised to see how the world changes around you!

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Laughter soothes
Laughter promotes the release of endorphins – hormones of happiness – which help people to get rid of sadness and irritation. Even short recollection of you laughing at something makes you feel happier. British scientists have proved that level of irritation decreases five times after people watch a comedy.

Moreover, people tested improved their mood just thinking that they would laugh soon – two days before watching a comedy (they knew they would watch it!) people got irritated twice as rarely than usual.

Laughter improves the condition of skin
If you laugh often no expensive salon treatments are necessary to improve the condition of your skin, because laughter topes up facial muscles and improves blood circulation.

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Laughter boosts Immune system
Laughter helps your organism to resist infections. A minute of a good laugh makes the organism to work out lots of antibodies which protect you from bacteria and viruses. Besides, laughter promotes the formation of white blood cells that fight against various diseases.

Laughter stimulates heart activity
Laughter broadens blood vessels allowing blood to circulate easier. Ten-minute laugh can reduce blood pressure significantly as well as the risk of cholesterol formation. Laughter helps even those who survived a heart attack. Doctors believe good mood can decrease the possibility of a second heart attack.

Laughter develops lungs
A good laughter is one of the best exercises for people suffering asthma and bronchitis. When a person laughs his lungs stir to activity and the amount of oxygen entering blood increases.

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Laughter helps to keep fit
Generally speaking, laughter is one of aerobic exercises because when you laugh you inhale more oxygen that stimulates the work of the heart and blood circulation as well.

Besides, laughter is often considered as ‘internal aerobics’ as while a person laughs internal organs are massaged. This allows them to work more effectively.
Laughter is good for strengthening of belly, back and leg muscles. One-minute laugh is equal to 15 minutes of cycling.

Laugh and be healthy!

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