Katy Perry at launch of her fragrance Purr

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Katy Perry at launch of her fragrance Purr

On November, 12, Katy Perry appeared at Selfridges in London at launch of her very own fragrance Purr. Perry posed for cameras in doll-like Miu Miu purple dress holding the fragrance bottle shaped after cat figure against promo poster of Perry wearing blue-pink latex catsuit.

Katy Perry at launch of her fragrance Purr

Nowadays, it seems that every self-respected star should own a fragrance. Katy Perry wanted one that would smell nothing like any other.

I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I’d smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent.

My sense of smell is so important to me. A guy can walk into an elevator wearing Acqua di Gio, and I’m immediately like “You’re my first boyfriend.” I want my fragrance to have that effect on people.

Katy Perry at launch of her fragrance Purr

Katy Perry also explained why her fragrance bears such an unusual name:

I’m a very lyrical-based person, and the whole ‘purr’ thing kept coming back – perfume, perfect, even Perry if you say it a certain way. It just seemed logical.

Purr contains scents of peach, apple, green bamboo, freesia, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, white amber, musk, vanilla orchid and sandalwood.

What do you think has Katy Perry achieved her goal of creating a completely unique fragrance?

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