Instant makeover tips

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Instant makeover tips

It is so important to feel confident and beautiful! And sometimes an instant makeover is exactly what you need to feel in tune with fashion, confident, beautiful and renewed without falling for every single fashion trend or fad there is. So we gave it a thought and decided that there are plenty of ways to do an instant makeover at home and with some help from beauty professionals.


Instant makeover tips

Refresh your tresses with a trim, new fringe, bangs or some highlights. Even changing the way you style your hair you can get a new look in one easy step. If you usually wear your hair loose, try making an updo that will look good on you, especially if your hair is long you’ll find tons of new ‘dos on the net. If you wear the same hairstyle for quite a long time try and look up the ways to change it.

Even adding extra highlights to your hair or dying them two tones darker or lighter will give your look an instant makeover. Fringes and bangs are especially ‘in’ this season, so why not try some flattering fringed hairstyle? If you usually wear updos try giving them a good blowout, ask a competent friend or go to salon and you’ll see yourself from a completely new angle. Almost everyone looks good with voluminous beach waves. At least I haven’t seen those who don’t.


Instant makeover tips

Switch from bold lips to bold lips and otherwise. It depends on what you usually wear. Try changing your lipstick color or applying natural looking false eyelashes for an instant makeover. It will instantly switch the focus from one part of your face to another creating a whole new look. The main thing is to find the right makeup for your eye shape and color or lipstick color that matches your skin tone and hair color.

You can simply change the colors in your shadow color palette and get a refreshed look. Replace the usual black with purple or metallic gray or other colors you like. Change your eyebrow shape by going to a specialist or simply groom them at home if you haven’t done so in a while. Even such a small detail will give you an instant makeover.


Instant makeover tips

Dark solid colors make you appear thinner while light shiny colors do the opposite. Wear the clothes that fits perfectly. Accessories add a special appeal to your outfit and can even renew it completely. Try beautiful scarves as they are just so right for the cold fall/winter. Colorful interesting bags can give an instant makeover to an old familiar plain dress. There are so many shoes designs now out there that can adorn your outfit and even change it completely.

Headbands are pretty popular and very diverse. Embroidered with jewelry, flowers, rhinestones or feathers they can adorn the simplest hairstyle. Try another style, switch from formal to more more casual and a little playful or on the other hand try going for a more elegant look.

Makeover is about trying new things, experimenting and seeking out what’s right for your shape, size, hair and eye color, face shape, etc. But sometimes doing such simple things as changing your hair color tone can give you an instant makeover or refresh it.

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