How to Make your Fragrance Last Longer

You’ve chanced upon a wonderful fragrance that perfectly suits your taste, but what tough luck the smell disappears after 2 hours, as if it has never been. But don’t give up as it is quite easy to avoid if to consider our tips on how to make your fragrance last longer.

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First of all, the fragrance should be applied properly. ‘Properly’ here means to the certain body areas, where pulsation is the most intensive. The best areas for fragrance applying are neck, inner wrist part, lower back and behind ears.

How to Make your Fragrance Last Longer

Another trick to make your fragrance last longer is to avoid mixing of various scents; therefore it is better to opt for cosmetic products of one and the same brand, only then the fragrances wouldn’t mix but supplement and prolong the chosen fragrant note.

Another blunder is to apply fragrance straight before going out, as it shortens the fragrance ‘workability’ up to three times. Ideally the fragrance should be applied when you start dressing that is for 30-40 minutes before going out. And what’s more important here is that you should apply fragrance not to your clothes, but to skin!

The unwritten rule ‘the more the better’ doesn’t work here and even more it can absolutely spoil delicate fragrance notes. Thus you should surely know where to stop as it can seem to you that the fragrance is too weak or has disappeared at all, don’t be tempted to apply a little bit more favorite fragrance as the sense is quite deceptive and the people around you for sure perceive the scent. Keep in mind that it always better to leave delicate perfume trail than irritating odor.

Well, also you should take into account that our organ of smell adapts to various fragrances very fast, so if you anyway scent your perfume, it can mean only one thing – you’ve applied too much fragrance!

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