How To Fight Winter Blues

Winter is less than in month and the summer days are far behind. So if you don't fancy winter you'll need something to fight off the winter blues.

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How To Fight Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder or “winter blues” usually happens in winter when the sun doesn’t shine and it’s cold outside. During this period many people feel sleepy, exhausted, and simply have low mood. The lack of sunlight prompts melatonin production in our organisms that makes us sleepy, while the sun on the contrarybetters the mood.

Workout or Get Moving

Shake off that sleepiness by working out or simply getting active. Exercise, dance, walk. Being outdoors will also give you the dose of much needed light to stay energetic and lively. Open your window shutters and curtains at home to let the winter light and a  rare sun ray in.


Invite some friends over, throw a party or spend time with your family. Communication will distract you from weather issues and won’t let you fall asleep. Though some good sound sleep won’t hurt as well. As you know it helps regenerate skin cells and simply benefits¬† health.

How To Fight Winter Blues

Treat Yourself to Hot Chocolate

Treat yourself with some hot chocolate with marshmallows. It will keep winter blues back for a while. A cup of warm sweet indulgence will feel especially great when it’s cold outside while you sit on a soft couch sipping warm liquid mood-boosting chocolate.

Get Outside

Even if you don’t like the weather there are still places to go and people to meet. Get outside, enjoy the light and sun when it’s there, socialize and get moving all at the same time. Make snow angels and take your pet for a walk, meet friends and do something fun.

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