How to fight ageing?

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Eternal youth is a myth. All the efforts cosmetologists, plastic surgeons and fitness trainers can take will just make you look younger, not feel younger. Lackluster eyes and little interest in life show your age better than wrinkles on your face.

When do we start to age? I guess it happens when we lose interest in our own life, begin forgetting our birthdays and envy those who are younger than we are. There are many signs of ageing and each person has his own ones. And psychologists say there are several stages of ageing.

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We start thinking about how old we are at the age of 25, some of us even earlier. First wrinkles, first angry look at 16-year-old beauties, first serious thoughts about sense of life and lots of other things which happen for the first time in our life clearly showing our childhood has gone and will never return.

If you didn’t think this way when you were 25 at the age of 30 these thoughts are inevitable. You might probably have your first grey hair which can cause hysteria. Besides, you might want to take a photography class to be able to take nice pictures of you while you are still beautiful. When a woman is 30 she starts looking at younger men, those who she earlier considered to be too young for her. And also you might want to make first life conclusions: whether you have succeeded in life or not.

The third stage of ageing comes when we are 40. It is even more dangerous because at this time many women begin thinking they look ugly and just stop taking care of their skin, body and hair. They tend to dress in baggy clothes and turn into ladies of uncertain age.

The last stage of ageing is real ageing which is noticeable enough – 50 years old. However, this is a different story.

Today we are going to talk about imaginary ageing, not the real one, the ageing that every woman can stop. So, what shall we do to prevent getting too old insid, as a person, as a WOMAN?

Live full life!
Time passes and you can do nothing about it but you have a lot to remember! Years haven’t passed vainly. But in case you have concluded that at a certain age you haven’t done anything important, this can cause a real depression.

Don’t quit your job!
Some women have kids and quit their jobs to dedicate themselves fully to the family. According to studies such women feel much unhappier about ageing than those who work. First of all, attending a workplace makes a woman keep fit and take care of herself. Secondly, it often happens that woman’s career is high enough at the age of 40 and she has no time to think about ageing.

A housewife usually feels terrible at this age. Kids have left home already; a husband has found a younger woman to spend time with and all she has in the result is depression and miserable thoughts relating to the fact she isn’t getting any younger.

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Enjoy your life!
It is lack of pleasures that makes our eyes dull, shows real age and even adds a few years to it. Which pleasures I mean? Any! Those which can make your eyes shine: good sex, lovely meal after a long-term dieting, new lipstick or a bag, nice chat with girlfriends, romantic dinner, etc. And what is more important is that you need these pleasures not every month, but every day!

Get surprised more often!
Strange advice you might be saying now but getting surprised is the ability we have in youth. Interest in life always goes together with eyes widely open out of amazement. Tired eyes of an experienced woman will never make you look younger. Don’t say “I’ve seen it already”, “You can’t surprise me with it”, “I know what you want to tell me”, etc. They make you older instead of wiser or more experienced. And this isn’t what you want, right?

Fall in love!
I don’t mean unfaithfulness. Love doesn’t necessarily mean sex or even acquaintance. Love inspires us, makes look better and younger. And again, shining eyes, new haircut, a few pounds lost and as a result – a few years off!

More adrenalin!
Everyone gets his own portion of adrenalin in his own way. Some do extreme sports, some travel, lots of versions… No matter how you get it, what is significant is – it must be a regular thing!

Discover new interests!
Any new hobby brings new emotions and makes your life more diverse and eventful. Try painting, designing, singing… I can guarantee people will notice you’ve changed. And again your eyes will shine and you’ll look younger! You’ll feel yourself a young student learning something new.

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Never mention your age aloud!
Forget about phrases like “This blouse isn’t for my age already”, “I remember it happened in…”, “I’m not that young…” Besides, never tell anyone which year you were born in. If people see you older than you really are the only thing they will think about you is that you look bad. You will hardly be pleased. In case you look younger that you are why do you want to tell that you are in fact older?

Don’t speak about your sicknesses!
Nothing makes the woman older than talks about her sicknesses. Can you imagine a young girl speaking about that? Of course, not! So, don’t do that either!

Well, my dear readers this is all about psychological factors of ageing and ways to avoid them. Try to think positively and follow at least some of the tips mentioned above. Later we’ll discuss physiological characteristics of ageing. Stay with us!

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.
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