How to Fall Asleep

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There are lots of reasons that prevent you from falling asleep easy. Stress, anxiety and depression are among the main causes of insomnia. If sheep counting doesn’t help, try really effective tricks to fall asleep easier and faster.

How to Fall Asleep

How to Beat Insomnia

It is quite real to beat insomnia naturally without sleeping draughts. You need just learn several tricks on what to do in order to fall asleep.

Stay Active

Get active and do the things that make you tired. Exercising is the great way to reduce anxiety and improve the quality of your sleep. However, be sure not to exercise at least 3 hours before you go to sleep. Otherwise you’ll get a reverse effect.

Create Favorable Sleep Atmosphere

Before to go to bed make sure your bedroom is dark enough and you have a good bedside lamp at arm’s length. Besides, it is recommended to ventilate and chill your room a bit. Cooler temperature works like a charm for a good sound sleep.  An ideal sleep temperature is 60.8ºF – 64.4ºF (16ºC – 18ºC).

Opt for Sleep-Improving Diet

Be sure to avoid caffeinated drinks just before the bedtime. Everything that contains caffeine will make it difficult to fall asleep. Instead of it opt for a cup of warm milk and a pair of crackers. Heavy meals before the bedtime are also contra-indicated for those who want to have a good healthy sleep.

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Wear Comfortable Sleep Clothes or Nothing

Sleep clothes first of all should be comfortable. Clothes for sleeping are best when loose and not restrictive. Besides, it shouldn’t leave you feeling chilly as well as too hot. Wearing nothing can also work great for a good sound sleep.

Establish Your Sleeping Regimen

Sleeping and waking up at one and the same time is of great importance if you’d like to fall asleep easier and faster. Keep to the established sleeping regimen and soon you will see the difference.

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