How To Distinguish Nice Perfume?

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There should be lots of various bottles of scents for our various occasions, seasons, and spirits. That’s probably true that good perfume is at a high price.

But unfortunately, there are plenty of fakes on the scent market lately and the high price is no longer the guarantee of quality. That is the reason you should get to this point seriously before purchasing if you don’t want to be tricked paying the big sum of money for nothing.

Perfume Store

The easiest way to define the fake is to ask the salesperson to show you the certificate of quality. But if there is no opportunity to do it, you can distinguish it by yourself.


First of all, make a careful study of a packing of the perfume or eau de toilette. Counterfeits strike the eyes by the illegible printing – too small or blurred words. Originals are characteristic by the clear wordings.

The packing should be firm (carton or paper of the good quality). Thin cellophane must cling tightly to the box. It shouldn’t cockle or oversize the box. The glue should stay unnoticeable.

Though, some perfume producers gave up covering the cartons with cellophane emphasizing the originality of packing and bottles trying to battle against the fakes this way. By the way, such sort of multiple expensive bottles are used not only to attract the clients’ attention but also as a kinda of identity guarantee (it’s hard to falsify such masterpieces).

Woman Holding Perfume


Check out the producer data carefully. Lots of fake makers add or substitute the letters in the name of the products. For example, there can be Clema instead of Climat, Cool Winter instead of Cool Water, or Genzo instead of Kenzo. The title should be in English or French languages. There mustn’t be written “parfume” at the true French products – just “parfum”.

There also should be the phrase “Made in France” instead of just “France” and so on. Moreover, the originals are notable for the full product name, producer country, making date, expiry date, and composition.

Bar code

French perfumes bar code starts with figure 3. Here are the bar codes of some other countries:

  • Great Britain – 50,
  • Germany – 400-440,
  • Spain – 84,
  • Italy – 80-83,
  • France – 30-37,
  • USA and Canada – 00-09.

There should be a serial number under the bar code. It’s a letters & figures code that should coincide with the code on the bottle.


Originals have clean and transparent bottle glasses. There shouldn’t be any roughness, dimness or air bubbles. Original perfume is never covered by the metal lid because a contact with the metal cover can spoil the fragrance. Fakes are easily discovered by the bottle dangling inside of the box. Pulverizer is usually protected by the metal ring.

Perfume Bottles

Transparency requirement concerns to the liquid itself as well. It shouldn’t be turbid or with a sediment. Alert: ultra bright “chemical” perfume color. If you see some world-known-perfume-brand with acid blue or red or yellow color, it’s definitely a fake!


Shortly, an “attractive” price in some make up or bijouterie stores points to the fake origin of the perfume. But unfortunately, there are fakes of high quality and price nowadays.

Scent duration

Original perfumes keep the aroma for a pretty long period of time. Aroma duration “sounding” depends on its type and aroma components concentration.

The most expensive and long-lasting scent in the perfumery is parfum. It consists of 30-40% essential oils, thus having the strongest and the most concentrative fragrance. It is accepted to use the parfum in the evenings or special events. It is enough to apply one or two drops to have them for 6-9 hours long on the skin.

Woman Spraying Perfume

Eau de parfum is used during the daylight hours. It’s almost identical to parfum but less concentrated. Essential oils percentage is about – 8-14%. The aroma holds on the skin for 4-5 hours.

Eau de toilette has the lightest and the most unstable aroma. It has only 3-8% of essential oils in the composition, that’s why you need to renew it every two-three hours. Though, it’s a perfect choice for summer day heat, office or other situations when the strong aroma isn’t suitable.

Good advice

Choose the perfume being guided by the seasons and your moods.

The saturated and warm fragrances are preferable for the winter and late fall as they can warm you up in the frightful snowy weather. As a rule, there are notes of jasmine, honey, sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon and other spices.

Spring and summer associates with something light, unobtrusive, cheerful and fresh so you can try some cool perfumes with the aromas of lemon, mint, grapefruit and juicy berries.

Smell nice having a nice knowledge of what you are smelled with!

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