How about Perfume made of Human Faeces?

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How about perfume made of human faeces? You surely refuse even to imagine that it can be true and how it can smell, but don’t jump to conclusions, as perfume made of human faeces is now a reality, moreover quite a salable one! Frankly speaking, I’ve never thought that there is something more ridiculous than Lady Gaga’s fragrance smell with semen and blood… but far from it, as the one of the most bizarre perfume that is made of human faeces has already come into the world!

 How about Perfume made of Human Faeces?

The ridiculous idea of creating perfume made of human faeces occurred to the perfumer, Jammie Nicholas. Thus the first fragrance made of faeces, called Surplus, debuted within the project “The Sun is but One Anus”.

You probably wonder how such a weird idea can come to anybody’s mind. Easy! Jammie Nicholas admitted that the book by Dominique Laporte, The History of Shit, where the author actually describes the way of using human faeces as the stuff to produce various beauty aids, led him to that risky experiment of creating perfume made of faeces.

 How about Perfume made of Human Faeces?

As it’s turned out, the nasty smell of excrement is caused by skatole, the substance that is come out of the breakdown of hemoglobin. But low in concentration skatole has a very pleasant floral scent, as for instance even orange blossom extract contains it.

In general, it took Jammie Nicholas only a week to compose fragrance notes from his own faeces! He made it the same way as usual fragrance, composing various scents extracted from excrement.
Perfume made of human faeces Surplus is sold at a price of 80 bucks, and already 25 flacons have been bought up!

Though it should be noted that Surplus is just a very peculiar fragrance that doesn’t surely smell with faeces, the fragrance just shocks with its uncommon composition. Well, then how about perfume made of human faeces?

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