Healing Music Study

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Music! Magical sounds of seven notes have the power to change our spirit for better one. Lovely tunes dispose us to feel love, or force to do action arousing our fighting nature.

Healing Music Study

But scientists assure us that music effect us in much wider diapason. They say music affects the heart, arteries and lungs in ways that could be used to help patients with circulatory conditions.

They found out that swelling crescendos increased the listener’s blood pressure, heart and respiration rates, while relaxing passages of music did the opposite.

Professor Luciano Bernardi, the research leader, from the University of Pavia, N Italy commented:

Music induces a continuous, dynamic and, to some extent, predictable change in the cardiovascular system. These findings increase our understanding of how music could be used in rehabilitative medicine.”

Healing Music Study1

Half of under test were experienced singers and half had no connection to music. They listened to the musical composition including an aria from Puccini’s Turandot, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Va, Pensiero, from Verdi’s opera Nabucco, a Bach cantata, and Libiam Nei Lieti Calici from Verdi’s La Traviata.

The participants also were given a two-minute of silence. The results are the following: their blood vessels dilated and heart rate and blood pressure reduced.

Moreover, 10-seconds-long musical phrases got synchronised with heart and blood circulation rhythms.

The researchers have also found that music reduces stress (no doubts), boosts athletic performance and enhances the motor skills of people suffering neurological impairments.

And last year there was a study held by the Finnish scientists that proved that music could help make patients recover from brain damage.

Music is a great healer! It helps you when no one does. Do you agree?

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