Coffee Instead of Antidepressants

The latest scientific research has shown that a good cup of coffee can not only boost your energy in the morning, but help to get rid of depression as well. The scientists discovered that women who drink four or even more cups of coffee per day are less prone to feel depressed. So a cup of coffee instead of antidepressants is quite a real thing!

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Coffee Instead of Antidepressants

Scientists have found that caffeine that coffee includes can actually act as a natural antidepressant and especially it refers to women. Researchers at Harvard University claim that women who drink not less than 4 cups of coffee a day are fifth less likely to feel depressed, while those, who drink 2 or 3 cups of this miraculous antidepressant beverage reduce their risk by 15 percent! So think twice when you will take you antidepressant pill next time, probably it would be better to turn to coffee instead?

Scientists even assure that in future it could be possible to use coffee instead of antidepressants as a well as a perfect natural means of preventing depression. Besides antidepressant properties, coffee is proven to be a good preventive remedy for Alzheimer’s, prostate cancer, gout and it even boosts brain power.

But keep in mind our golden rule, that everything is good in moderation! Therewith coffee can raise the blood pressure and increase the heart rate, that is why you can’t have it too much!

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