Beyonce’s racy Heat perfume ad banned

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Beyonce’s racy Heat perfume ad was banned from on TV during daytime because of its overtly sexual content. The ad was called ‘too sexually provocative’ as it features Beyonce naked as well as in a red dress with very deep decollete, which shows off too much skin. The Heat perfume ad will not be shown on British TV before 7.30 pm.

After the commercial first appeared on TV 14 complaints were filed by the viewers. However Coty UK which collaborated with the star on the fragrance were aiming at making the commercial chic:

The ad was intended to reflect the singer Beyonce’s personal “sexy chic” style. It was aimed at a vast selection of music programmes to target a young adult audience,

Coty’s spokesman said.

Beyonce's racy Heat perfume ad banned

Beyonce’s racy Heat perfume is quite hot and is appropriate for adult audience. As it was noted by manufacturers the ad doesn’t contain anything more suggestive than Beyonce’s or other pop artists’ music videos but it really is not for young kids. Besides as the product is meant for adults it is quite logical to show the ad to an adult audience.

What do you think of Beyonce’s racy Heat perfume banned ad?

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