5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta)

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First thing’s first. It’s not a serious post but there is some truth to it and maybe it will make some of you out there rethink your priorities. Or not.

There are girls who love makeup and then there are girls who LOVE makeup. You know those types who have full bags of makeup and then some. They are constantly buying new stuff and keeping the old too. They see a difference between two similar products and they have an impressive makeup collection.

How To Tell You’re Hoarding Makeup

MAC lipsticks

You keep expired makeup. First of all, ew. Secondly, you know you have a problem when this kind of thing happens.

You buy same color products with different hues and undertones. Caring about undertones is one thing when you’re trying to find that perfect shade of red you’ve been looking for years. But it’s an entirely different story when you buy another pink lip gloss with different color pearls in it. Same goes for eyeshadow. No, seriously.

You can’t find that one particular shade/product in your makeup drawer. If your makeup drawer is so full of makeup it takes time for you to find stuff, it means your makeup collection is just about to grow out of proportion, if it didn’t already.

You don’t really use all of those products. You are interested, new beauty products excite you but you always end up wearing your favorite gloss and mascara. Maybe all those tubes and bottles are simply something else.

Makeup is everywhere. It’s in your bag, your other bag, your drawer, your bathroom vanity, your mother’s bathroom vanity. I mean, common girl, who are you trying to decieve here?

Hoarding is a serious issue for many people. It’s a behavioural disorder that is burdensome and can even be fatal. If you feel that your hoarding is becoming problematic (you’re feeling reluctant to discard old things, you’re compulsive about it), please, seek help.

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