Memory-Boosting Foods

Are you among those who always forget to send a birthday card to your grandma? Or frequently forget where you put your keys? Actually the reasons for such forgetfulness can be very diverse, starting from the lack of healthy sleep to the lack of certain nutrients. Improve your memory including the following memory boosting-foods into your daily eating plan.

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Active lifestyle requires a lot of things to keep in mind. Thus, it is absolutely essential to improve your brain functions. Find out what one should eat to improve memory. Include the following set of memory-boosting foods into your ‘smart’ diet plan to get the brilliant results.


Memory-Boosting Foods

Blueberries are the one of the best-known eatable memory-boosters. Due to the high concentration of anthocyanin, a phytochemical known for its memory-boosting functions, blueberries are irreplaceable components of memory-improving diet plan. Other great sources of anthocyanin are grapes, cherries and red beets.


Memory-Boosting Foods

Salmon is another memory-boosting food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are considered to be essential for a healthy memory. Besides, eating salmon as well as some other cold-water fish such as herring, trout, and anchovies improves mood, fights depression and makes skin radiant and glowing.


Memory-Boosting Foods

Celery is also included when it concerns improving memory. The matter is that celery is rich in potassium that is involved in such brain functions as learning and memory.

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