How to prevent thrush

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Thrush is a disease that offers little pleasant. It can be caused by plenty of various factors. You never know when you are protected from it.


But you aren’t certainly helpless. You can take prophylactic measures. Here are some of them:

  1. Wear loose-fitting cotton underwear. Choosing synthetic thong is the best what you can do for Candida fungus. The less often you wear thong the better. And there are lots of nice-looking panties of other styles, too.
  2. Eat less candy. Why? Because sugar causes fermentation.
  3. Fungi live well in alkaline medium and can’t survive in acidic environment. So, instead of usual soap use special gels for intimate hygiene. To keep the acidic medium in vagina and increase the population of good bacteria, doctors often prescribe to insert a tampon wet in natural yogurt into vagina for night time.
  4. Drink kefir to boost immunity.
  5. Sleep enough hours to be strong to resist stress.
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