Flip-Flops More Dangerous Than High Heels

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Science is in the close collaboration with our every day life now. Constant researches give us information about the things we use or do every day without knowing if it’s good for us or vise versa. Recently, there was a study concerning Flip-Flops. In fact it’s very interesting and timely, as far as it’s summer outside.

Flip-Flops Injure Us More Than High Heels

So, we all adore wearing flip-flops as they perfectly fit our shorts, jeans, skirts. Moreover, there are plenty of various-colored summer comfortable shoes. We feel easy and even relaxed having them on.

But the research showed that they are not as good as it may seem. The podiatrists explain the point as the following: this footwear can cause aches and pains all over the body and cause more damage, than the accused high heels.

Flip-Flops Injure Us More Than High Heels1

One of the researchers from the American College of Sport Medicine says that the problem is that the summer footwear makes our feet feel defenceless.

It means that we alter our gait unconsciously thus putting more strain to the legs and spine just because we need to keep them on and avoid stubbing out toes while walking. The posture changes from straight to the question-mark one sometimes. That’s a huge load to the spine and neck.

Flip-Flops Injure Us More Than High Heels2

Dr. Rock Positano from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York says:

“The major shock absorption occurs back on the heel, and if the surface between the heel and the ground is not supported it does not allow the heel to absorb shock as well as it should. Which means the foot works harder than it should and people tend to develop overuse injuries such as tendinitis, or in this case, lower leg, knee, hip and back problems.”

However, no one calls you for giving up flip-flops. Just opt for wearing them around the swimming pool or on the beach. The researchers offer.

I think that the most wholesome way to live is to go barefooted, sleep under the open sky and eat what you can find in the forest. I’m kidding!

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2 Responses to “Flip-Flops More Dangerous Than High Heels”
  1. valarie Says:

    oh yeah! i’ll be sure to mention this to everyone who mentions my heel wearing recklessness.

  2. Faith Says:

    There you go! At last, we break down the hear says that heels can cause more damage to your body than flats.

    I love wearing heels since it adds up to my lack of height, plus it makes our legs and us look sexier.

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