Eyesight of Great Importance!

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The delicate round eyes’ skin is hit first by the “caressing” sun rays, freezing wind and electromagnetic radiation that every electrical appliance has in some degree.

Our eyes become red and we feel uncomfortable burning and pricking around the cornea area. Eyes’ tiredness often causes some splitting headaches.

Eyesight of Great Importance

Red eyes and premature wrinkles are not the worst you risk to see in the mirror. The point is that one day you can hardly see our reflection in the mirror. That can happen only because you don’t pay the slightest attention on your eyesight.

The question is how to keep you eyesight healthy keeping your life style at the same time.

Eye diet.

Eye Diet

There is a huge list of products that can be compared with good effective eye drops. The most known of them are carrots, dried apricots, bilberries and black currants. Try to include them into your every day meals and your retina will be grateful to you. No less wholesome food is: dill, parsley, spring onions and also hyper-vitamin-rosehip tea or decoction.

One time per 3-4 months “nourish” the eyes using any vitamins with calcium added. Cod-liver oil is extremely good for the eyesight either. Ophthalmologists highly extol the wonder-working evergreen bilberries medicines.

Eyesight of Great Importance

Don’t miss the thing that your eyes also thirsty from time to time. I’m not talking about the usual washing in the morning. Your eyes won’t be against the couple of cotton wool wads of Ceylon tea. That is the proved measure preventing the dark circles’ appearance under the eyes and doing the cornea good.

When working with the computer or notebook don’t stick the nose to the monitor. Put it at the appropriate distance from your eyes. Don’t be lazy and do two mouseclicks to fix the larger print to prevent the lids from narrowing.

Take a 5-10 minutes break per one hour. Your eyes deserve some rest. They always work hard, so be merciful to them.

Just turn around from the monitor, look at your colleges or at the Antonio Banderas poster on your wall, take a look out of the window or simply close your eyes and let them restore the energy and health.

Eyesight of Great Importance

There is also great variety of easy eye exercises to be practiced.
Keep in touch to read more about the eye exercises.

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One Response to “Eyesight of Great Importance!”
  1. Verona Says:

    probably we know it. but it’s so hard to follow it. there’re always huge pile of work to do. and you just think: ok, i’ll finish this and give some rest to the eyes. then in two hour again: ok, in 2 min… and so on……
    but on the other hand who but we to care about our eyes!

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