Wake Up from FAST FOOD

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I have always been pretty suspicious toward those hamburgers, hot dogs, soda water and other stuff of this kind because I intuitionally felt they were harmful.

But yesterday I watched a documentary about the dangerous food! If to say I was shocked, it’s to say nothing! Who had allowed bringing all those products into existence?

Wake up from FAST FOOD2

The Fast Food empires feed people with “cheap”, quick and “tasty” meals. Why have I quoted the word “cheap”? Here is the reason: you eat Fast Food paying little money, then you ruin your organism functioning by that and then you lead to the drug stores to purchase expensive medicine that can barely treat you.

Look at our kids; they can’t resist eating chips and deep-fried potatoes, chicken legs, soya sausages, chicken grill, pizza…

The scientists proved that the ingredients contained in those cause blood disturbance which lead to sterility (for both sexes), hypertension and digestive tract disorders, headaches, irritability.

Wake up from FAST FOOD1

Only imagine, that little by little you buy poison to your darling people! As far as one wrong intake a year won’t harm you, but daily ones will.

Don’t console yourself that you’re protected from what I’m talking if you don’t eat fast food. There are lots of the products stuffed with the components we just aren’t even aware of!

Wake up from FAST FOOD3

Have you noticed the tendency that the children have become hyperactive now? It’s so hard for them to seat still at classes. No wonder! They gulp down the contents of the colorful packs taking no more wholesome drinks after that.

Caution! There are such mortally dangerous food addictives like E 612, E 121, E 123, E 124 and others that cause habit-forming! They wreck you from inside!

Wake up from FAST FOOD

Obesity has become a death-causing diagnosis for hundreds of thousands of people. Our body cells require natural food – their building and energy source but not that false stimulants that make them mutate.

So, don’t bring the alien elements into the organism – it doesn’t know how to cope with them.

Guys, wake up! Chemical induction advances in gigantic strides. No one will care about your children and grandchildren (in case you’ll have them hopefully) but you.

If you want your husband to be fertile, don’t feed him with fast food as it changes his reproductive functions on the genetic level. It must be in concern of women either otherwise there will be a “Children of Men” situation soon.

Wake up from FAST FOOD4

Chinese say: “We are what we eat”. Yes, indeed!

But it’s up to you what you want to be. You choose what to eat today to have your tomorrow.

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