Under Waist Problems

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Summer is just about to hit the streets in a week and there one thing left to do with the shape of your dream – to move toward it day by day! If you still have some “problems” with your figure there is no time to rush for surgery. Keep constant work out!

Here I offer you some easy but extremely effective exercises to exhilarate your practicing.

Under Waist Problems1

March for 2-3 minutes at the beginning of the lesson to warm up the muscles. Do 4-5 exercises with dumbbells as a limbering-up. Your waist will be thinner for 1.5-1.9 in. in 2 weeks already.

High step

Stand up. Legs are shoulders’ width apart. Bend the knees a bit. Step with the right leg. Lift the leg as high as you can. The back muscles and the abs are strained! Lift your hands with leg simultaneously. Then practice the same with the second left leg. There should be two sets per 30 steps and at a pretty brisk pace. Don’t reel and keep your balance. This exercise helps to work out the abs, front hipline and your balance.

Legs swing

Hold yourself upright; tuck in the buttocks, stomach. Swing the right leg back as high as you can. Don’t hurry. Do it slowly. Change the leg for the left one after 15 swings. Altogether: 2 sets per 30 swings. Here you train abdominal oblique muscles, buttocks and hips behind.

Under Waist Problems

Legs apart

Put the feet a little bit wider than the shoulder line. Legs are half-bent, hands are on the waist. The abs, buttocks are tucked in as usually. Swing the half-bent legs to the sides from this position. Do it by turns. 1 set – 20 times. 2 sets. It shapes greatly the hip line and boosters the abs.


Sit cross-legged. The abs, buttock, and back are as usual. Hold your back straight and head proudly. Try to bring your knees together but give them a resistance with your hands at the same time. 2-3 minutes. 2 sets. This exercise strengthens the inner hip line and muscles of arms.

Legs up

Lie down. Put your hands behind the head. Tuck in the abs and put the feet together. Pull up the feet parting the knees simultaneously. Then get back to the initial point. The abs works out perfectly together with the hipline. 3 sets per 12 times.



Lie to the back and strain the abs and buttocks. Bend the legs. Lift your pelvis up – first. Straighten the right leg – two. Hold it in the air for 5 seconds and then change the leg. 2 sets per 20 times for every leg. It forms the buttocks and corrects the waist problems.

Heel – Toe

Stand still and bring the abs and buttocks in the strained condition. Bend forward a bit and bend one leg. Put the other leg ahead on the heel. Pull the toe up and down. 2 sets per 10 movements for every leg. It will bring your calves to the ideal shape.

You see! Easy physical exercises and you are ready to hit the hearts of the mankind and your jealous friends!

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