Toning Up the Breasts’ Muscles in a Gym

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As the temperature outside rises up day by day, our natural reaction is to put on something that accentuates our beauty.

Trendy V-neck dresses or tops reveal first of all your gorgeous breast. But if you feel a bit uncomfortable about it and have strong desire to enlarge it, I mean the breast, be confident you can do it.


Some people, who are poorly informed of woman’s body structure, try to make everybody believe that there’s nothing to be done for breasts working out as far as there’re no muscles in them. Though such “wise” people simply have no arguments to prove their point of view.

But leaving them with their own thoughts, let’s talk about the true facts.
It’s practically impossible to increase the breast’s size from C to E, but it’s pretty feasible to lift it a bit up and to shape it into the alluring one.

The following exercises are aimed at the greater and smaller pectoral muscles’ training. What is to be mentioned – is that this physical program should be practiced in a gym.

Here’re some rules before you start the exercises. Let’s assume that the maximum weight you can handle is 26 lb. so, 80% from the original weight is your maximum. That means you should work with the weight of 22 lb or less.

Setting to the exercise for the first time, do it for about 12 times with plates-free-bar. The next set should be of 60% from your maximum weight. And the following 2 sets – of 80% of your maximum weight.

Practice the exercises for no less than 10 times for each to make the muscles grow. There can be some critical moment when you feel that you simply can’t do any more. Force yourself for two more tries.

Are you ready to get started?

Exercise #1

Lie on the hard flat surface face up. Your feet are set against the surface and your elbows are unsupported. Ask some one to give you the bar. Start the exercise from the position when the bar is on the beast level. Lift the bar up slowly and carefully and then return it down a little bit lower your nipples.

Toning Up the Breasts Muscles

Don’t be afraid that this set is usually done by men. You’ll never be like them because women’s breast muscles are much weaker. So that’ll take you many hard years to look like Hercules.

Exercise #2

Cable Crossover Attachment

Stay between two blocks. These are weights. Each of them has a cable with a handle. Take these handles. Bend the arms and begin brining them closer slowly until your wrists touch each other. Then turn them to the point of departure.

Exercise #3

Lie on the hard flat surface face up again. Take the dumbbells and put them along side with your body. The palms of your hands look up.

Women Weight Lifting

Lift the straightened arms up and to the head direction drawing the imaginary arch in the air. Turn the arms to the start point in the same way.

If you have time to go to the gym, try to practice this program and you’ll surely see the result. The swimming season is coming soon! Moreover, that’s also the health moment. Train your breasts to be toned up and beautiful!

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