Tips to Flat Tummy

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Tips to Flat Tummy

Who doesn’t want beautiful flat tummy? And not just flat but shapely too. Most of you know the main exercises that help build killer abs. But sometimes exercise is not enough because the diet doesn’t change or our laziness to do stuff and do it right is simply great enough to stand in our way to beautiful flat stomachs. Well, here are some tips that will help you change your approach to getting a flat tummy.

Tips to Flat Tummy

Think Quality

Whether you do curls or crunches think about how you do them. It is better to do less reps than use muscles that make it easier for you to complete the exercise. Simply said. Do not cheat. It won’t yield any results and you will only be disappointed in sports, fitness or any other activities. Ok, well it’s may be a little exaggerated, but think about it. The better you do the exercise the less reps it will require because your muscles have worked hard and now they need rest.

Making the Most of Workout Routine

To get the most of your workout break down your exercises into sets. Do one set of curls rest a minute, then do another one and so on. Do not overdo or under-do the exercises. Do not try jumping over your head by lifting heavy stuff you might simply hurt yourself. But also if you under-do them you won’t see any progress. Your body needs to work everyday in order to burn calories you intake while eating. The more you move the better. But you have to do it gradually increasing the reps and sets or weighs.

Tips to Flat Tummy

Do Not Rush

Do exercises slowly. Do not rush into completing all the reps. Moving slower will help you achieve better results.

Weight Loss

In order to get slim and fit body you will have to lose weight if there is any excess weight to lose. A dietitian can help you count your ideal weight according to your height and body type. The best way to lose weight is through weight training. This must be performed under professional trainer supervision. It helps lose weight and burn calories, as well as build muscle.

Continuous Pain

If you’ve never lifted a stone or haven’t done one rep of any exercise the pain at first training would be natural. But continuous pain usually signals that something is wrong. Normally you will feel pain in those areas that you contracted while exercising but if the pain is straining and is concentrated in one spot usually joint, then stop immediately and rest couple of days. If the pain goes on consult with your health care provider.

Tips to Flat Tummy


Oh, this frightening word – DIET! No, I’m not offering you a new crazy eating scheme that consists of one cup of coffee and a stick (which you have to use to beat your hand with when it reaches out for food). First of all, eat a good size breakfast. Yeah, yeah, you are in a rush, you get up early, but breakfast is an important meal it starts metabolism going and keeps you less hungry by lunch. So find some time or a way to get your breakfast. You can even treat yourself to some sweets.

Do not eat quickly. Eating quickly leads to overeating. Turn that TV off and think about the food you put in your mouth. Think about how it tastes and, please, chew it thoroughly. Cut back on fried, junk and salty foods they aren’t good for your health anyway.

Tips to Flat Tummy

In order to not overeat drink a glass of water 20 minutes before the meal. Do not miss meals. Consider it a sin because then when you are double hungry you think you can eat an elephant. You can’t! And you shouldn’t anyway. Also use cutlery to cut your food into small pieces. It will also make you want to eat like you are in an expensive restaurant where everyone watches your manners at the table. Believe it, you won’t hurry to finish that plate, which will prevent overeating.

Yes diet means that you should restrain yourself from eating bad food, overeating in general, overeating your favorite foods like chocolate. But think about how much slimmer and healthier you want to be and flat tummy you want to have and you’ll see that all of the above is worth it.

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  1. dors tisarvel Says:

    Excercise in one option, or you can go for a tummy tuck surgery. Done by the right surgeon the results can be astounding.

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