Tips for sedentary-life-style followers. Part I.

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People who have sedentary work, not connected with physical workouts – in the offices, bureaus and agencies – damage their health seriously as the bulk time of the day they spend sitting at the table without necessary loadings.

Slim body tips for sedentary life style followers2

As it’s known the sedentary work doesn’t bring health, but on the contrary – ruins it. People of this sort of life style suffer from a range of diseases: haemorrhoids, osteochondrosis, obesity, prostatitis and so on. There is no wonder, probably as the factors causing them are too widely spread in our life.

Correct work place set can prevent a lot of ailments.

Physicians have learned long ago that prolonged sitting can cause the distirbances of metabolism in musculoskeletal system. There is a haemostasia in the spine veins. Those who spend the whole day in front of the computer have their deep back muscles strained. The prolonged muscular spasm worsens the venous haemostasia leading to legs swelling.

Slim body tips for sedentary life style followers4

Nowadays, the computer work is the most common office variant. To keep the right posture you need to put the computer in front of you but not on the side when you should keep your neck turned all the time.

Take a 15-minutes-break every 2 hours.

Beautiful posture requires some movements. Active rest based on the switch of one kind of activity to another provides the days of work without tiredness.

Look through the exercises that improve the capacity of work, warm up the muscles and give some strength for the next hard-working hours. You can choose one of these and practice it systematically but the complex workout will bring you the results much faster.


1. Sit straight, stretch and flex the legs by turns 10-20 times. Don’t put them onto the floor.

Slim body tips for sedentary life style followers

2. Bow and flex the backbones 10-20 times.

3. Sit straight, move the elbows apart – breath in, straight the arms in front – breath out. 4-6 times.

4. Sit straight and turn your torso from one side to another. 10-12 times.

5. Sit straight, stretch your legs, then flex one of your legs pressing it to the stomach – breath in, then stretch it once again – breath out. 4-8 times for every leg.

6. Sit straight, strain the belly muscles, and then relax it. 15-20 times.

7. Sit straight, stretch the legs, strain-relax the muscles of the right and left hip by turns. 15-20 times.

Slim body tips for sedentary life style followers3

Venus syndrome

Such term is used to define the fat around the waist and thighs in comb with muscles tone-up lowering. You can get rid of this syndrome by exercising daily the following set.

1. Sit on the floor with the legs unbent. Lift the leg up and then put it down holding the foot, ankle or shin. 20 times for each leg.

2. Stand straight with crossed legs. Pull the hands in front and bent the body slowly, then return to the preparatory position. 10 times.

Slim body tips for sedentary life style followers1

3. Kneel to the floor, cross the arms over the head. Sit onto the left thigh then return to the knees and turn for the right one. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each side.

4. Sit on to the floor tucking one leg under yourself. Lift the other leg up holding its shin. Remain in this position for 5 seconds and then put it down. Switch the legs. Repeat the set 5 times for every leg.

To be continued…

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