Super Anti-Cellulite Device

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It’s so hard to keep up the fight against those dimples that we got used to call cellulite. We spend a lot of money and time to peel off our skin from it. But it seems that finally we found the ultimate weapon in this particular war. The pop guru Madonna has paid a whopping £50,000 to have one installed in her home.

Super Anti Cellulite Device

The Swiss-manufactured D-Actor device utilises acoustic wave therapy (AWT) to target dimples. AWT is a procedure that has been used in the medical world for several decades to make kidney stones disintegrate and to ease joint pain. The device works by blasting problem zones with compressed air, creating rapid pulsations on the surface, while sending pressure waves to the underlying skin where cellulite develops.

Esther Fieldgrass, owner of the EF MediSpa in London’s Kensington, which offers this new treatment, explains:

“The force of the acoustic shockwaves shatter and destroy the cellulite-causing connective fibres. The waves break down the fibrous walls to release clogged fat, water and toxins.”

She added:

“The process stimulates the nerves and increases blood flow to treated areas, which produces fresh, thicker bands of collagen, as well as stronger and smoother skin.”

Along with smoothing the appearance of orange peel, AWT is showing it can tackle other body issues. Professor Francesco Canonaco heads the ‘leg school’ at the exclusive Capri Palace Hotel in Italy – a retreat that is regularly visited by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Liz Hurley.

Having used AWT on his patients for the past few months, Professor Canonaco has noticed wider benefits:

“We have seen great results on our guests, tightening, skin elasticity, stretch marks and general toning. It’s a lasting solution.”

No need to buy it like Madonna, if there is a chance to have the anti-cellulite procedures conducting by the specialists. Try this, Ladies!

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