Summer Shape Preparation

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Having revised your wardrobe, you’ve discovered the fact that your-previous-year shorts became smaller? Or it’s probably you’ve got a few pounds around your waist and buttocks during the cold season. But don’t give way to despair or depression. Unless it’s not summer outdoors yet, you have time to remedy these imperfections.

Summer Shape PreparationThe first rule – don’t eat too diverse food at one go. The plainer your ration is, the better. The fact is that if we observe all the incoming products for fat, proteins and carbohydrates, we’ll easily see that fat is digested much faster than anything else in our organisms. To slowdown this process you’d better fall on the crude-fiber-rich-food: beet, carrot, cabbage. It is they that bring to normal the digestion process and metabolism.

Very often the unwanted fat is caused by the lack of potassium or sodium excess (salt). Consequently, the last is to be diminished to 77-92 gr a day. Sodium filled in by the high-microelement-contained food: dried apricots, bananas, prunes, raisins, greenery, vegetable marrow, lettuce, oranges, oatmeal, and curd.

Easy-digestible carbohydrates and fat are in plenty in sugar, bread and butter, potato, cream cakes, sweets, fried fish and meat.

Reducing the amount of just mentioned products in your diet, opt for the protein enriched ones: lean meat, fish, French beans, low-fat-dairy.
Green tea, water, mineral water (no carbonated), fresh juices help in this stong battle over the weight.

Correct nutrition is the first step toward your ideal shape. Add to it some fitness – aerobics, swimming, dances, callanetics. Though the point is that you can choose any sport you like best, just work out the problem zones.

If you have no free time to attend a gym, practice some exercise at home:

  • Leg swings in all directions;
  • Squatting (no less than 30 times);
  • Up & down pelvis movement while lying on the back with the knees bent (20-30 times);
  • Holding straight legs up from the floor (but not too high) still remaining on the back lying position (10-15 times);
  • Lunges to all sides (20-30 times).

The third necessary element of the “unexpected” weight on the waist and hips is a regular warming up aimed to the metabolism acceleration. To eliminate that try a contrast shower, massage and special cosmetic products (the best are those which contain: caffeine, algae extracts, horse chestnut, ivy, green tea and alpha-hydroxide acids.)

Only these three components will bring you figure to the pedestal.

To conclude, let me remind you that correct diet, sport and cosmetic achievements can lead you to your dream shape. But only if you don’t stop on the half way!

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