Sugar to cure wounds

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When it comes to lack of money for good medicine we often use homemade recipes. And as it turns out they can be even more effective than costy pills or ointments.

This is just the case with sugar. I’m sure few of you know that it can be good for curing small wounds. But as Moses Murandu, a senior nurse in a British hospital, says it is the traditional African remedy.


The man was raised in Zimbabwe and had a hard live living without much medicine to cure woulds his family members and other villagers had. As a child, Moses watched his father put crushed sugar cane on wounds. When Moses moved to Britain he was very much surprised to know that in this highly civilized country no one knew about healing properties of sugar as he used to think this was a widely used treatment.

So, the man decided to prove the remedy worked and had a six-month study which involved 21 patients at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. The patients’ wounds had not responded to conventional treatment.

In the result it was proved that pouring granulated sugar on to bed sores, leg ulcers or amputations before dressing could kill the bacteria that prevents healing and causes chronic pain. Bacteria need water to survive but sugar draws water from the wound into the dressing.

Mr Murandu believes his technique could save the NHS billions.

The village where I grew up was very small and we didn’t have a great deal of medicine available to us,’ he said.

Doctors here tend to forget the traditional medicines that have been working for thousands of years.’

Bosses at the Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham have been so impressed with the results of the study that the 43-year-old has been awarded £25,000 to treat up to 100 more patients with sugar.

Moses, a medical lecturer from the University of Wolverhampton, commented:

Using granulated sugar in wounds has never been done in the UK before, although sugar paste has been used.

While salt is painful, sugar is not and it reduces the pain drastically. Sugar is also much cheaper than expensive medicines and it has

Moses added:

I was happy for the patients who suffer from terrible and debilitating wounds with little hope of getting better, as this treatment can ease their pain.

I would really like to see sugar treatment used in many more places because I know that it works.’

Moses is planning to use his grant for a wider study that treats around 100 patients at four different hospitals.

Well, what do you think of this newly-discovered remedy?

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  1. naturman Says:

    Yes I believe the heath service could save lots of money for certain cases using this method of treating ulcers.

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