Stretching – Panacea for Sedentary Lifestyle Problems

Find out everything concerning latest ultra-fashionable fitness workout type, stretching. It has become an absolute panacea for all the health problems caused by sedentary lifestyle.

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Stretching is the latest fitness trend that is set to cope with all the health problems caused by sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity, arthritis and articular diseases. Read on to check out how all the basic stretching exercises should be done properly.

Stretching – Panacea for Sedentary Lifestyle Problems

Actually stretching is a workout plan comprising set of exercises for stretching every muscle group. Moreover exercises that compose stretching workout can make your muscles stronger, improve blood circulation, and help to de-stress. However to achieve the greater results you should know how to do stretching properly.

Firstly remember that your muscles should be warmed up in order to avoid injuries. So never start stretching without preparatory exercises!

Your stretching exercises also should be slow and gradual. Intensity here doesn’t work and moreover too intensive stretching movements can lead to soreness and muscle pull. As soon as you feel discomfort while doing a certain stretching exercise, stop doing it, as there is no need to torture your body.

And remember while doing stretching exercises you should watch over the way you breathe. It is very important to breathe deeply and evenly through the nose.

Stretching – Panacea for Sedentary Lifestyle Problems

Now it is time for the stretching itself:

  • It is necessary to start with the whole body stretching exercise. Lie on the floor and pull your hands as if you are doing pull-up. Then stretch your right hand to the left side and the left one to the right. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds, after change the position of your hands.
  • Now proceed with backbone stretching exercise. The best way to stretch your back is to grab onto the wall with a close grip at waist level, then bow down and push backwards with your legs.
  • The following exercise is set to stretch your leg muscles. Sit down on the floor with your legs spread out as far as you can, and lean your body forward, trying to get the floor. Lean your body gradually; repeat the exercise for 10-15 times.
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