Smartphone Apps that Make Healthcare Easier

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Statistics says – each 5th person in the world uses a smartphone for communication and work. But recently the American researchers discovered, that people start watching much more closely after their health. This topic quickly attracted attention of Apple, Google and even such monsters as Intel.

Smartphone Healthcare Apps


 Meal Snap

With useful application for iPhone you don’t need to waste precious time counting calories yourself anymore. You take a picture of food using the Meal Snap and the smart app sends it to Mechanical Turkwhere the calories are counted by a special worker for a small fee.

There are several more apps helping to control diet. Boozerlyzer counts the amount of consumed alcohol, Caffeine Zone – the number of cups of coffee, Watterlogged counts amount of water. Another good app for controlling the amount of water in your organism is Waterbalance. It counts the necessary water amount per day specially for your body. Also it knows, when you need to drink some more water and considers others drinks such as coffee, juices, etc.

Smart Alarm Clock

This app looks after your sleep. It knows the phase of your sleep and, therefore, wakes you up at the moment of “shallow sleep”. It is considered that it’s the easiest time to wake up. Also Smart Alarm Clock can record the noices while you’re in your sleep. In order to register those that can break into your sweet dreams.


It is possible to make notes about your meals and the app looks after your weight changes. It also includes information about the most existing food products and their nutritional value. This helps you to control the calories. Also it allows to share the information in social networks and transfer the data to computer.

Health, unquestionably, is the vital part of beauty. Luckily, the modern era of digital technologies makes it easier to watch after health and keep your body in a good shape. Diets become easier to follow and life becomes a little bit more easy and pleasant.

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