Smart Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Actually there is no need to stick to a crash diet and exhaust your body with intensive workouts. You only need to find out smart ways to lose weight fast and include them into your healthy daily regimen.

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Smart Ways to Lose Weight Fast

In fact there is nothing easier than losing extra weight; one should just need to know how to do it wisely without all those exhaustive workout plans and harmful diets. Scientists have already done their best to discover easiest and smartest ways to lose weight fast and effortlessly. Thus, you have only to embrace the following smart ways to lose weight and enjoy your quick fix.

Avoid Lean Friends Who Eat Well

The recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that those people who usually dine in company with skinny partners, who have large appetite, are much more prone to overeating.

Drink Water before Meals

If you want to lose weight fast, make it a rule to drink water before meals. Two glasses of water before food intake will make you eat less. Researchers have proven that those who drink at least a glass of water just before meal lose more weight than those who don’t.

Switch to Smaller Plates and Bigger Forks

Italian scientists conducted the research into the relationship between the dishes size and food intake and discovered that those who used bigger forks eat less than those who preferred smaller ones. But when it comes to plates, it is quite the contrary. Thus, you’d better to switch to a smaller plate in order not to overeat.

Eat in the Company of Men

Though, it goes only to women… as women eat less in the company of men.

It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness.

Psychologists explain.

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  1. Salma Says:

    Interesting facts especially the water one!

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