Secrets of beautiful bust

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Women’s bust has always been a symbol of femininity and sensuality and one of the main instruments of flirt. To keep the breast beautiful every woman should take daily care of it.


No one would argue that nowadays we have plastic surgery technologies that do marvels to us. But such operations are very expensive and few women are ready to g under knife even if they want to have a perfect bust.

First and foremost, the beauty of a woman’s breast depends greatly on how steady her weight is. If a woman loses and gains weight too often these fluctuations are not useful for her bust, its shape, size and the condition of her décolleté skin. Besides, stretch marks are possible in these cases.

Secondly, hormonal changes do play their role. During puberty period the level of estrogen rises and causes connective tissue to grow. Connective tissue soon forms the shape of the breast. Each month in the second half of a menstrual cycle liquid excretion is blocked in a woman’s organism.

Breast engorges and can become painful. When a woman is pregnant her bust gets bigger. And, on the contrary, during a menopause the breast loses its shape and tissues that support it become flabby.

All these hormonal changes lead to changes in the breast itself. It becomes less elastic and soon gets stretched.

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To keep the breast beautiful all the time one needs to follow some rules. First of all, every day while having a shower, pour your breast with cool water. Massage your bust with water spouts for about 5 minutes directing the spout up slowly, paying particular attention to a décolleté zone, then moving down to the armpits and after that to the breast itself.

Such hydromassage helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism in skin cells. Manual massage of the breast is no less useful. Manual massage is preferable to do using special cosmetic products which work to keep moisture in the skin, deeper moisturize and strengthen it.

Massage should be done in tender circular movements over the breast, under the armpits to the center and from the center to the armpits going under the breast again. To add to this, massage of the décolleté area with ice cubes is as effective.

To keep the muscles always in tone a woman should do special exercises, with the use of dumbbells. Watch your posture during the day and try to hold the back straight.

Choosing the right bra is essential. A perfect-fitting bra doesn’t squeeze the chest too much or compress the breast. It should be comfortable and provide necessary support. While doing sport or any other activities that involve a lot of movements, one should wear a sporty bra that give special support to the breast.

Lying on the belly or sleeping in this position can affect the shape of the breast and wrinkles in the décolleté area are inevitable.

To keep your bust elastic try to stay away from sunbathing for a long time, especially if you don’t use the sunscreen.

If you like having baths, try to avoid too hot temperatures as this will lead to losing the shape of the breast as well as its tone.

As a conclusion, it is worth mentioning that regular prophylactic measures can keep you breast perfect within a long period of time. Don’t wait until your breast loses shape. Choose an exercise complex, do hydromassage on the regular basis and apply good cosmetic products to take care of the skin.

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