Perfect Weight for Woman

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There is no a secret that every woman craves for the beautiful shape and her ideal weight keeping. And as far as starving diets are not effective, you need to Improve your body with the help of fitness and global reorientation of daily rations. But before you rush to exercising you have to fix the definite goals – what you want to get in the end: lose weight, tone up the muscles, correct the problem zones, or improve the skin condition.

Perfect Weight for Woman

No doubts that all these tasks seem important, but you should be realistic. If you have an excess weight problem then you should work on its solving first of all.

Choose some kind of fitness when working on the weight loss. No matter what you give your preference to: jogging, swimming, step or slid… – the point is that the trainings should be regular (no less than 3 times per week) and intensive enough. Aerobics makes us work hard on our body shape and spend a lot of calorie launching the active metabolism process. In addition to that you should rearrange the system of your meals in whole taking into the consideration the huge variety of food (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and the daily physical load.

You also should determine your perfect weight – the real figures to know what real or unreal figure you need to tend to.

There are different formulas allowing calculating your ideal shape weight:

Perfect Weight for Woman1

1. Ketle index (g/cm):

Recommended weight-height coefficient (g/cm)

Age             Light-boned Normal-boned Big-boned

15-18 yrs 315                325                      355

19-25 yrs 325                  345                   370

26-35 yrs 335                360                      380

Take into account that the perfect weight of the women lower than 160 cm should be 10-15% less than a normal one.

2. You can also calculate your body weight according to the Cutle formula: divide man weight (kg) by height (m2). For example, your growth is 1.7 m, you square it: 1.7*1.7=2.89 and divide your weight (let’s say 60 kg) by this figure: 60/2.89=20.76

This way the calculated weight index falls under the category of the normal weight:

BMI from 20 to 23 – your weight is in norm

BMI from 24 to 29 – you have some excess weight

BMI over 30 – you fall under the ‘obesity’ group

3. Use Laurence formula as well:

Ideal weight = (height in cm – 100) – (height in cm – 150) / 2

The woman of the 1.7 m height should have the weight:

(170 – 100) – (170 – 150) / 2 = 70 – 10 = 60 kg.

4. It’s impossible not to mention the formula of Brokk that is usually used in calculating the weight of men: height in cm – 100 = weight. The modern modification of the formula is the following: height in cm – 100/105/110 = weight.

Now you can easily compute the weight that perfectly fits your body completion and height using one of these formulas. Thus you will find out how many of the unwanted pounds (or kilos according to these formulas) you need to get rid of.

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