Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Have “Issues” With Weight

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The Nine star Nicole Kidman has reportedly admitted that she doesn’t have “issues” with her weight.

Being a mom if a 1-year-old daughter Sunday Rose and a wife of a country singer Keith Urban, Nicole has claimed that because of her height, she has never had to deal with being overweight.

Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Have “Issues” With Weight

Speaking to She magazine, the Oscar winner said:

“As Keith’s a musician there are pitstops at Wendy’s. But I’m six foot tall, so it’s not weight that’s an issue for me, but things like cholesterol.”

The 42-year-old Australian actress also revealed that she has been an avid runner since a young girl.

Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Have “Issues” With Weight1

Kidman added:

“It’s what my dad taught us. He’s a marathon runner. He’s 71 and goes on ten-mile runs. He takes Sunday hiking on his back for hours.”

Nine arrives in the US on December 25 and in UK cinemas on December 18.

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