Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

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When you see that you are overweight and other people tell you about it you may feel frustrated, angry or sorry for yourself. But do you really think nothing can be done about it? Do you consider yourself incapable of any changes? If you say ‘yes’ don’t continue reading, this article is not for you. But in case you want to change and look slimmer I may reckon my efforts useful.

Weight loss

It’s not a secret there are plenty of weight loss plans, and you actually know what to do but the problem is that you start but never finish the program. It’s a lack of motivation that affects you. You have to know how to work on it to be able to continue and finish your weight loss plan.

Motivation is important in achieving targets. If a person is highly motivated he can overcome lots of difficulties in achieving his goal. In our case if one is motivated to reduce weight he will do it whatever happens. Here are the tips to help you be highly motivated and have a flattering figure:

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  • Read something inspiring! It can be a biography, quote, poem, or song. Think of other people’s experiences to give you that lift.
  • Make a list of all reasons for reducing body weight and read it every morning.
  • Set realistic goals. Don’t say to yourself that in a month you’ll look perfect. Weight loss plans are long-lasting. Be patient.
  • Find someone who has the same goals as you do. It’s more social and you all get to feed off the motivation of each other.
  • Keep the record! By keeping track of your activities you can see the improvements in your fitness week to week.
  • Start an interest or hobby that requires physical fitness! It could be bushwalking, rock-climbing, tennis, golf, or scuba-diving. If you enjoy the activity you will be more inclined to do it.
  • Increase your incidental activity! I mean the activity you do in your normal course of your day, the activity not generally classed as exercise. For example you may want to walk to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the TV rather than use the remote control, etc.
  • Don’t look for immediate results. Your initial weight loss will be water weight, so plan for the long haul.
  • Keep your thoughts positive. Don’t focus on your mishaps.
  • If you want to eat something you know you shouldn’t, ask yourself if you’d like to “wear” it the next day.
  • If you splurge on food, forgive yourself and move on. It happens to everybody. But avoid repeating that.
  • Don’t cut out all of your favorite foods, you’ll feel deprived. Instead, reduce the portions.
  • Take a “before” picture and tape it on the fridge door. Then take pictures of you every week, month, etc. to see the real results.
  • When you see you’ve reached a result reward yourself, but it shouldn’t be a food item.

I think these tips are enough to help you stay motivated as long as you need it. And remember that not only will you look better, you’ll be healthier.

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    Give me more tips to keep my body in a good shape!
    Maybe you will post some articles about sport exercise

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