Madonna to open gyms across the world

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Madonna to open gyms across the world

Madonna is about to get you in shape! Fitness centers in each major city across the world. How cool is that? Madonna is going to be involved in every aspect of her gym chain from designs to music choices. The global gym chain is named Hard Candy Fitness. Anyone excited?

Known for her love of fitness and workout Madonna decided to open gyms across the world to help her fans get back in shape. The first fitness center will be opened in Mexico next month and Madonna will be choosing gym locations herself, as well as she will be attending the opening of her first gym.

Madonna to open gyms across the world

By the way Tracy Anderson Madonna‘s trainer is no more becasue of which Gwyneth Paltrow feels quite relieved.

It’s good that she doesn’t train Madonna any more. It was too much. She keeps people waiting – it takes up your whole day.

said the actress.

So what are your thoughts on Madonna‘s idea of opening gyms across the world? Would hit the Hard Candy Fitness?

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  1. dancing expert Says:

    I think that many young people are missing the gym facilitity and this move by Madonna is very good in helping people who want to have healty lifestyle and also that dance should be included.

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