Kylie Minogue Toned-up Booty Tips

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Ultra-short golden shorts and a couple of alluring hip movements – and the booty of the Australian singer, Kylie Minogue, become an envy point for hundreds of women. We’ll study now how to get the same effect.

It’s easy to get the toned up nates, combining physical exercises with correct dieting.


Your choice is the special sport club exercises. Usually they are called ABS – class for the abs and the lower part of the back.

Your favourite among the gym apparatuses should be a treadmill or ellipse, perfectly arranged to work on these parts of body. If you don’t have an opportunity to go to the gym, don’t get upset! Read the following point.

  • Walk in rapid steps (3 mi/hour) or jogging can be great alternatives to the treadmill sets.
  • Moreover, don’t take an elevator, but walk up and down the stairs instead. And try to do it this way: start movements as usually, then go 2 steps and put only your toe onto the third one so that your heel hangs down. Go the last flight of stairs on toes only .

Attention: don’t take any weight, bend your torso forward and stoop when practicing it. Watch your posture!

The best butt muscles exercise is “An imaginary chair”

Sit down onto the imaginary chair! Lean your back against the wall, put your thighs parallel to the floor and let your arms hang along the body. Stay in this position for 1 minute then strain the thighs and buttock muscles. Practice 4-5 sets 3 times per week. Then you can increase the number of the sets.



  • One who longs for the toned-up nates, should say “Good Buy” to cellulite by correcting the meals.
  • Steer clear of sweets and cakes which are rich in sugar as eating these can promote adipopexia. As a rule, the process of food intake leads to the wrong places enlargement – butt is boosted instead of breasts.
  • Exclude animal fat from your ration: butter, cream, sausages and fish rich in fat .

Saturated fat

Fats that remain solid at the room temperature (like butter) are called saturated ones. If the body doesn’t use all of them as a fuel, they are simply stored as the fat cells. Saturated fat increases the cholesterol rate in blood that can cause an infarction and apoplectic strokes.

  • Stop eating semi-finished products or fast food. As a rule they are extremely rich in fat.
  • You’d better turn your attention to the natural fat removals: coffee (sugar free), Brazil tea and Brazilian cocoa – these plants contain less aggressive caffeine sort. However, they have 2-5 times higher level of stimulant potential than coffee.

Kylie is first of all a woman, and to keep her 41-year old body toned-up she does a lot, that is the same that we do. And she is an example that it’s pretty possible to achieve!

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