Kelly Rowland Shares Tips of Slim Body

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Kelly Rowland showed off her sexy newly slender figure at the party for celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes’s new book, About Face, yesterday (Jan, 21). The Destiny’s Child ex-singer donned a black sequined Herve Leger gown that stressed her benefits.

Kelly Rowland Shares Tips of Slim Body

Kelly said:

“I’m telling you, I’m not eating sugar. I didn’t even try to lose weight,” Rowland said at the party at New York nightclub Provocateur. “I read this book, called You Are What You Eat. [The author, Gillian McKeith,] is talking about sugar, she’s talking about meat, she’s talking about cheese. I did some of those things for a month, but for the most part, it is just sugar that is gone from my diet.”

How many pounds did she exactly lost?

“I lost weight, probably almost 10 pounds. But 10 pounds did a lot. All of my friends are going, ‘Oh, I need you to eat a muffin.’ It’s more here, in the hip and [rear] area, but it’s definitely trimmed down since no sugar has taken place.”

Also the When Love Takes Over singer added:

“Right now, I have a pole dance instructor in Miami and she teaches me a lot,” says Rowland. “You’d be surprised how hard those ladies work.”

Healthy eating and sport are the keys to the slim body shape!

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