How To Treat The Breast When Pregnant

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The longed-for pregnancy brings happiness and joy together with fears and agitation. These fears are pretty natural and could be coped beforehand.

Special attention should be paid to the breast health as even the smallest new growth can become big. Not dismissed fibroadenoma (benign tumor) can stuck the mammary gland canals and prevent from lactation which provokes mastitis and other dangerous diseases.

Pregnant Woman

Why to go to the breast physician?

Unfortunately, the breast physician visit is not a thing that every pregnant woman does. But his consultation is one of the main things for all women during pregnancy.

The breast physician can recommend you the ways of treating your breast in this weighty period, also teach you to nurse a baby, take preventive measures against plugged duct (galactostasia) and many other things a future mom should be aware of.

And what is more important, he’ll examine you, and send you (if you are under 40) to go through milk gland US in case some pathology is found. And if you are over 40, he’ll give you advice to go to mammography (roentgenological breast examination). But mammography should be done 2-3 months before the pregnancy.

You should go to breast physician if you:

  • Had some abortions or miscarriages;
  • Had or have inflammations of thyroid gland, ovaritis, hysteromyoma, fibrous adenoma of breast or mastopathy;
  • Have the first pregnancy after 30.

Useful recommendations!

Breast is a very vulnerable and delicate part of our body that demands careful treatment.


Breast physicians say that heating sun rays are pretty dangerous for the tender breast skin. You should be especially careful when pregnant and at lactation period: first of all, it doesn’t do any good, and secondly, the tanning can provoke pigmentary.

Breast hair

Some pregnant women worry about hair appearance on the breast. It’s a moot point – to shave off or not. But if teh hairs bothers you so much, pluck them out watching if there is no any inflammation on the skin.


Don’t wear the bras that tighten your breast too hard as milk glands are getting ready to their postnatal function – breastfeeding. The breast becomes bigger and heavier, that’s why, wear a comfortable bra that doesn’t hamper but supports it.

The best bra is the one which bares one cup, the woman can use it when breastfeeding. Switch for another bras depending on the size changes of your breast. Correct bra is the sort of guarantee that your breast will keep its shape later on.


One can tell you to rub your nipples with rough towel in order to prepare them for nursing. But in practice it causes an irritation of the nipples skin and fissure of nipples. Moreover, this procedure stimulates the oxytocin hormone output that leads to the womb contraction.

And if it helps the uterus restores quickly during the nursing period, it can harm during pregnancy. Such contractions provoke muscle tone of the pregnant womb and can call for premature birth on the last months of child bearing.

Breast dousing with cold water are good only in the complex of the whole body dousing. It doesn’t make any sense as a separate procedure. Numerous researches didn’t prove that cold shower and breast tempering can increase lactation.

Breast creams

Use special creams for the prevention of stretches, that’ll help you to avoid them or reduce them as well as keep your breast up. Apply them onto the breast massaging it.

Pregnancy is a wonderful privilege time that God endowed women with. Cherish it and don’t forget that it should bring no harm! So, take care, mothers-to-be!

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